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This project has ended.

Having covered a third of the UK's cities in eighteen months, I have realised that blogging is too restrictive for my specific mission and style of writing. Therefore, this project has come to an end.

The Instagram account has already closed down, and this website will finally be taken offline in August 2024.

In its place, I am working on a full-length book with the current working title Letters from Albion. The basic premise is the same as the one underlying this blog; I am still exploring, understanding and documenting the UK's great cities.


Only now, my experiences and findings inspire a series of essays, personal accounts, all linked by this ongoing mission to understand Built Britain and life within it.

I am expecting to get the book published around 2026-27; watch this space.

Thank you all for your unending support and enthusiasm. You've no idea what you started.

Hayden / Every City Written

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